Open Gorsedh 2005

NickOur first Open Gorseth was held on June 17th (St Hervé’s Day) 2005. The proceedings opened with the presentation of our first Gorseth stone by Tim Sebastian from the Bath Order. A welcome was given by Nick and returned by our Honorary Grand Bard Shamus Joy on behalf of the late Richie Bond, Followed by the Call to the Four Corners of the Nation. We then performed The Ceremony of Peace where The Grand Bard asks “Is There Peace” and everyone replies “Peace!” – we did this three times and then the Gorseth was declared open.

Gorseth Prayer (Talhaearn Tad Tanwyn)

Grant, O God and Goddess, thy protection,
and in protection, strength
and in strength, wisdom
and in wisdom, knowledge
and in knowledge, knowledge of righteousness
and in the knowledge of righteousness, its loving
and in its loving, the love of all existence
and in loving all existence, the love of God and Goddess
God, Goddess and all goodness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Horn of plenty is presented to the Archdruid by one of the flower maidens, who urges him to drink the wine of welcome.

The ceremony of the Offering of the Fruits of the Earth – The Lady of Avalon is escorted across the circle by two young attendants and the Sword Bearer, presenting a sheaf of flowers and corn to the Grand Bard.

Tim Hawthorn and Tim SebastionThe Deputy Grand Bard offered prayers for those Bards who have passed on during the past year. Richie Bond, Alison Colyer, Tomy, Jaqueline Memory Patterson (the author of ‘Tree Wisdom’) and Ray Kerleigh were specially included, followed by a short address from Tim Sebastian, as our visiting Bard from Bath.

Next came the chairing of the Bard, followed by much music and dancing.


Declaration of PeaceOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACeremony of the sword – the sword is half unsheathed over the altar stone and the Cry of Peace is repeated (see above) whereon the sword is re-sheathed. We join hands hands for the final prayer and the Gorseth is declared closed.

We Swear by Peace and love to Stand
Heart to Heart and hand in hand
Mark O Spirit and hear Us now
confirming this Our sacred Vow

So mote it be.

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