Glastonbury's Bardic College

In Memoriam

For their tutelage, inspiration and guidance.

Tim Woodman Sebastion
(1947 – 2007) Chosen Chief of the Secular Order of Druids, Archdruid of Wiltshire, then Bath and a founding member of the Gorsedd of Bards of Caer Abiri. Tim was chairman of both the Antiquarian Picnic Society and the Stonehenge Cricket Club.
Ray Kerley
Archdruid of Glastonbury. Ray was a jeweller and Gnostic Christian, whose family had long been Welsh Druids.
Ritchie Bond
(1947 – 2004) Artist and constructor of our fabulous Bardic Chair.
Alison Collyer
Alison came to Glastonbury in 1979 to run a Christian community farm and to help animals.
Jacqueline Memory Patterson
(1945 – 2004) Co-founder of the Glastonbury Order of Druids and the author of “Tree Wisdom: The definitive guidebook to the myth, folklore and healing power of Trees”.
John Michell
(1933 – 2009) British antiquarian and writer. Author of “The View Over Atlantis”, probably the most influential book in the history of the hippy/underground movement, which put ley lines on the map and made Glastonbury the capital of the New Age. More about John …
Graham Coles
Glastonbury Town Crier 2006 – 2013. Graham G0BKU was a Ham Radio enthusiast and counsellor for Alcoholics Anonymous. He was a fine ambassador for Glastonbury.
Brian Conquer
Elder Druid of the Hibernian Order of Druids. Judo expert, Guardian of the White Spring and Volunteer at Chalice Well.
Denny Michell
Bard, Elder Ovate and founding Elder Druid of Gorsedh Ynys Witrin. Seamstress, Faerie Queen and Mayor of Glastonbury.
Sheena Johnstone
Artist and Dancer with Silver on the Tree.
Geoffrey Ashe MBE FRSL
(29 March 1923 – 30 January 2022) was a British cultural historian, lecturer and Honorary Bard of Ynys Witrin, known for his focus on King Arthur.