Welcoming our newest Ovate

It gives us great pleasure to announce the initiation of our first ovate Zoe Price at today’s Tor Fairfield Tree Circle ceremony. Thalia Brown and Lydia Lyte were also formally invested, joining Tim Hawthorn as Druids of Ynys Witrin.
Since 2005 we have initiated 102 Bards, of which 14 are elders (having held the bardic chair for a year and a day). About a third of this number regularly participate in community events.
A smaller group meets every month for study, discussion, mutual support and to plan further events.

One thought on “Welcoming our newest Ovate”

  1. Bravo dearest Zoe, this marks a new step onto an unfolding Pathway.

    And, along with the raised Druids, it gives Gorsedd Ynus Witrin 3 legs.

    A most wonderful Rainbow Gateway.

    Blessed Be, Michael

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