Bridie – the bright one

Bridie – the bright one

(written in Dearbhalie’s Awen)


In the beginning there was light and only light.  True light. Peace that passeth all understanding. The burning heart of the father.  All that was… was all that was… and all that ever could be.  The light contained alpha and omega, up and down; in and out: father mother lover sister brother, truth forever and ever. 

In one unseen moment, all that was desired to know itself. How desire arose in such luminosity, we will never know. Light deisred to look upon its own glory; to caress another as pure, as guilless, as brilliant…  And so it split in two.  And broke its own heart.  

In that second; worlds aeons and universes came into being… realms beyond imagining.  From the lightest dimensions of song and touch, of rainbow refracted dreaming dance – to the lowest hell relams of darkest debauched grasping at otherness… beasts and demons tearing flesh from one another in the insatiable quest for wholeness. 

Only one remembered.  Brigid; goddess of the sun.  And she, also containing the cool waters and healing power of the moon.  The one who could re-unite the fractured pieces: sooth and succour, inspire and inflame… and call the lost children home. So Brigid, on the back of her swan, in full knowing and awakening, her crown open to the crystaline essence of truth, went into the world.  She was ll things to all people; maiden, mother, lover, friend, provocateur, instigator, crone.  Comfort to the lonely.  Fire to the weak. In her we would see our own true face reflected. But she would only come to the meak.  Those willing to sacrifice selfish gain for freedom. Those with hearts pure enough to lie with then lamb.    

So eons passed. Fires and wars ravaged the world.  People fought and made love and made objects; built towers and banks and systems of governance…and tore them down again.  And finally a few were tired. They became meak.  They lay down in the field and stopped ploughing.  They stopped their desparate struggle for more.  They said: there must be another way.  And they called upon Brigid.   Luminescent she came on the wing of her diamond bright swan.  So dazzling, they could not gaze upon her. And she said to them:

”You never left.  For all that you felt you were parted from your god in heaven; that you fell from grace… and you called to him, and you cried for him. You never left.

Lay down your ploughts, sickles and scythes…stop trying. Lay down your arms,  swords and whips and tanks; your burning bridges and falling towers.  Surrender it all.  Be as children. ”

And they fell before Bridged – the bright one- hearing what she said was true.  And each skull cracked open, surrendering lotus petalled to the light of the swans wing.  And each heart cracked open surrendering to the firey panacea of perfect life – the hearth – the centre of the being where all is reconciled.

And the sun and moon were joined in unison.

Otherness was banished.

And all sang together, one voice, in truth.

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